London, April 15th 2015, Institute for the Humanities, University of Birkbeck

‘Underground Poetry and Poetry on the Underground’. Presentation delivered at the International Conference Cultural Literacy in Europe.

Bath 21st February 2018, School of Music and Performing Arts, University of Bath Spa.

Research Workshop: ‘The meaning of cultural literacy’

Warsaw May 11th 2017, Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Science.

Workshop Presentations and Discussion: ‘Cultural Literacy and Social Futures’: Robert Crawshaw (Lancaster University), Amanda Bayley (Bath Spa University), Andrea Nixon (Tate Liverpool), Joanna Kosmalska (University of Łódz), Emily Spiers (Lancaster University).

Prato, 10 th July 2018 , University of Monash.

Workshop Presentation: Robert Crawshaw, Amanda Bayley, Mridula Chakraborty ‘Cultural Literacy in Practice : Priorities for Educational Research’
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Lancaster, 16 th October 2018, Centre for Literacy Research, Lancaster University Presentation: Robert Crawshaw ‘Practising Cultural Literacy in Uncertain Times’

Bath, University of Bath Spa, March 2019 workshop ‘Cultural Literacy in Practice: Art, Music, Nature’. Robert Luzar, Robert Crawshaw, Penny Hay, Hyelim Kim

Università Catholica da Lisboa May 2019 Conference workshop: project evaluation: ‘Art Residency’ Narva, Estonia/ ‘Forests of Imagination’, Bath.