What is Cultural Literacy Everywhere (CLE)?

Cultural Literacy Everywhere (CLE) is an international, research-led association. Our aim is to promote high quality, interdisciplinary research into the relationship between literacy, culture, educational policy and social change and in so doing, to raise public awareness of what it means to be ‘culturally literate’ in a globally divided, technologically dominated world.

As an association, we bring together academics, educators, artists, policy makers and members of the culture industries through conferences, workshops, special events, funded projects, special interest groups and international partnerships leading to the dissemination of on-line publications, work in progress and up to date information on cultural issues.

We welcome the participation of individual researchers, project coordinators and cultural actors from a range of disciplines and culture-related professions in Higher Education and the public sector.’

The Aims and Objectives of CLE

The CLE initiative has two main aims: to achieve a broad shared understanding of the notion of Cultural Literacy and its importance; and to increase the visibility of the challenge presented by Cultural Literacy and of the contributions which LCS scholars and their fellow researchers continue to make in this area.

To achieve these aims, CLE is bringing together academics, educators, artists, policy-makers and members of the cultural industries in a Forum for discussion and development worldwide.