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Research Interests: Literary translation as source of inspiration for the Spanish poet Luis Cernuda, especially concerning his exile after Spanish civil war; Cernuda’s translational labour as a means of understanding his own transnational condition as a refugee; Cernuda’s translations of the German poet Friedrich Hölderlin and successive reinterpretations of Hölderlin’s texts.

Intersemiotic translation of Lord Byron’s Manfred: A Dramatic Poem from literature to music, then to philosophy, and finally to politics: Friedrich Nietzsche’s musical representation of Byron’s Manfred; Byron’s Manfred’s echo in Nietzsche’s superhuman and will to power; Nazi misconstruction and manipulation of Nietzsche’s philosophy’s to justify Aryan race and German quest for power.


Research Interests: Migration studies, diaspora, mass-media, contemporary visual arts and literature, counter-cultures.



Research Interests: Laura Albertini is a PhD candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant in Italian at University of Leicester, in the UK. Her research interests include contemporary Italian travel writing, ethics, and ecocriticism. Her PhD project focuses on the relation between travel, travel writing, and ethics of place and landscape in the work of the Italian writer Paolo Rumiz, with primary interest in Rumiz’s reportages on Italy.


University of Liverpool, UK

Research interests:  Translingual literature by authors of Afghanistani origin.




Birmingham School of Art, Birmingham City University
Research interests: Contemporary painting process, painting as language, ephemeral materiality, painting as performative process, ‘research at the edge of chaos’, liminality, alchemy, mess/play/failure as method.


Bath Spa University, UK

Research interests: Intercultural communication through practice; music performance studies; composer-performer collaborations; rehearsal analysis; analysing creative processes across repertoires and genres; issues of aurality and inclusion explored through the relationship between education, music and the environment; re-thinking oral traditions through arts and ecology; reflexive approaches to music, nature and culture



Princeton University, USA

Research interests: nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature, music, opera, and ballet; play theory; early and middle childhood pedagogy; children’s literature; Francophone cinema



Research Interests: Cultural Studies, Indian Writing in English and Translation, Social history of dance in India, Gender


Research interests: What the humanities and cultural literacy in particular can and does contribute to technical subjects and occupations, especially engineering. Models and modelling are a topic of particular interest currently along with the translation of complex information from text to graphical media and then to physical objects. I also write on bioethics including on morphological change, human enhancement and disability, for example in OUP’s recent book Rethinking Cognitive Enhancement, and have published a number of short stories in Nature among other places.


Bath Spa University, UK

Research interests: Heavy metal studies, cultural history, cultural theory, critical theory, existentialism, anticapitalism.



University of Cambridge, UK

Research interests: creativities research, inter-transdisciplinarity, posthumanism, diverse creativities in arts practice, music and creative industries practice, professional practices, play



Research interests: Intermediality with a special focus on word-picture translation for book illustrations. This implies an interdisciplinary approach and includes history of the book, the embodiment of creative thought and the materiality of the book, the physicality of expression and perception in book art, art-market relations for the publishing, the trajectory of book trades, collections, library science and access to the printed collections and, first and foremost, the stylistic correspondences between the verbal and the visual which are placed under a common book cover.



Research interests: I am interested in translation as an experiential process that involves the reader/spectator as active participant, or ‘spect-actor’. Recent publications on this process include ‘Entre l’audible et l’inaudible’ in Language – Literature – the Arts: A Cognitive-Semiotic Interface (2017) and an essay in POROI’s Special Issue on the Rhetoric of Translation (May 2017). I translate from French and Occitan and am also interested in surrealism, ekphrastic and found poetry. I am currently Honorary Secretary of the Cultural Literacy in Europe forum where I lead its Special Interest Group on Intersemiotic Translation. My most recent workshop, Wozu Image, co-led with artist Laura Gonzàlez, interacted with Minsk-based artist Sergey Shabohin’s photo exhibition Wozu Poesie, which I curated in Warsaw in May 2017 with the kind permission of Haus für Poesie, Berlin.



Birmingham City University, UK

Research interests: Situated between Birmingham City University School of Art and Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Harriet’s current doctoral research moves between the auditory and the visual. Specifically, interrogating transposition between the two through exploring birdsong and musical interpretations of birdsong (Olivier Messiaen’s Catalogue d’oiseaux) in painting-based research practice. The research problematises ideas surrounding the language of music and that of painting which places her wider research interests with intersemiotic translation and intersemiotic transposition. Harriet is a member of the SIG ‘Intersemiotic Translation and Cultural Literacy’.



University of Sussex, UK

Research interests: Design, Data, Visualisation, Strategy, Innovation, Futures, Emerging Technologies, Organisation, Management, Communities, Archives



Roehamptom University, UK

Research interests: As a current PhD researcher at the University of Roehampton, my current research concerns the use of a psycho-cultural approach to consider the individual and socio-political significance of animated media. My thesis considers the notion of brokenness in relation to the neoliberal experience in BoJack Horseman (Netflix, 2014-2016). I am also a registered dramatherapist and am interested in the perception and framing of mental health within both the UK and Indian contexts.


Research interests: Art, computational art, digital humanities, digital culture, the body and technology, instruments, sound art installation, feminism, technology.



University of St Andrews

Research interests: Postcolonial Italy; Rome; the city; the trans-national; creative/cultural agency; public arts practices; street art; architecture and exclusion; memory; intersectionality; intermediality; modern language methodologies; the overlaps between academic and artistic practices.


Lancaster University, UK

Research interests: Comparative cultural and literary studies



Birmingham City University, UK

Research interests: I am currently researching a PhD in drawing. My research explores Heidegger’s interpretation of techne as a mode of knowing to drawing. I am interested in encounters with objects, Harman describes as human, non-human, natural, cultural, real or fictional in an artist-led pedagogical space. My research aims to explore a new way of understanding drawing, through encounters with objects where ‘technical’ proficiency loses its primacy to creativity. Central to this investigation will be to reconnect people who have come to believe they ‘can’t draw’, whose educational experiences have contributed to a particular perception of drawing valued for its precise adeptness and introduce them to new inclusive modes of drawing so that they feel they can in fact draw.


Research interests: My research interests center on a psychoanalytic based model of occupational therapy called the Vivaio Model (MOVI), developed in Milan, Italy. It is used by therapists working in many different practice areas, and is based on the three-way relationship between patient, therapist and doing. My particular interest, which forms a major part of the model, is the importance of play and playfulness as an integral part of the therapeutic relationship. The two aspects of play that lead to my research questions are the fact that it is always linked to choice on the part of the player and that choice then leads to the formation of symbols in all of their conscious and unconscious meanings.


University of Łódź, Poland

Research interests: A doctoral student at the Institute of German Studies at the University of Łódź in Poland, graduated in journalism with a specialization in German language and German culture (M.A.) and German studies (M.A.) at the University of Łódź. She is currently working on her dissertation A composer of words. Musicalisation in the Works of Gert Jonke. Her research interest focuses on the relationship between music and literature in the German-speaking literary area, with special reference to Austrian literature. In her research she deals with the topic of the borders of the arts and intermediality in literature. In addition, she researches on the following focal points: Austrian literature of the 20th and 21st centuries, the interweaving of urban, musical and literary discourse. In recent years she carried out research at the University of Vienna as a recipient of the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria (02.2017 – 06.2017) and the Franz-Werfel-Scholarship for young university teachers of German language and Austrian literature (02.2018 – 07.2019). Since October 2019 she has worked as a research assistant in the Department of German-language Media and Austrian Culture at the Institute of German Studies at the University of Łódź.



Research Interests: My dissertation, entitled “Reason Becomes Her” tackles famed crime novelist Agatha Christie’s mechanisms of representation. It is an attempt to reassess and challenge the presumption that qualifies men for the task of deduction and logic. Through this model, and beyond this dichotomy, I’m invested in the delineation of the structure of continuity within/along the lines of an imagined pre-feminism Feminist movement, and the projection of a contemporary one onto its past social, psychological and political character. I am also immersed in subjectivity and its unconscious capacity to manage the often-destabilizing intensities emerging from the mystical and the sacred. It is within those dispersed, multiplying and tangled elements of the self that a hierarchy surfaces, and that Art, in its normative and interpersonal forms is registered. I have done research on graphic novels and on video games as forms of hermeneutic art manifestations, an intermixture of the textual and the visual.


Research interests: storytelling, museum education programs, craftsmanship, culture, cultural networks, permanent museum collections.

I am currently developing the Andalusia program for the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Canada. This program will engage people with a unique collection of artefacts that promote the concept of coexistence as a relevant field of study in the 21st century. The Andalusia program encourages undergraduate and graduate students to work with museum artefacts as nodes of inspiration, creating stories inspired by the collection in the form of animation, design shows, pop-up exhibitions, artwork, and other multimedia.

My research areas include the intersection between permanent museum collections and cultural networks; mining stories for storytelling and museum program development; museum education and higher learning; museum education targeting all ages; experiential cultural spaces to ignite the senses and inspire reflection; the relationship between nature and fashion, art, food, interior, architectural, and jewellery design; exhibition design and interpretive planning using cultural networks; animation and museum programs; storytelling and craftsmanship; Object-based Learning (OBL).

My aim is to advance intercultural and interfaith relations through the medium of art and culture.



University of Macerata, Italy

Research interests: Play Theory, American Literature, Feminist Theory, Italian-American Literature


Queen Mary University of London, UK

Research Interests: She holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Modern Languages at Queen Mary University of London. Her thesis on the poetry of Maria-Mercè Marçal was published by MHRA (2014). She combines teaching in this university with research on contemporary women’s poetry and gender studies. She is also a Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing at the Institute of Modern Languages, a Fellow at the Centre for Catalan Studies and the Centre for Poetry at Queen Mary University of London. She translates women’s poetry Catalan, Spanish and English. As a poet she has published her first collection Bloody Roots/ Arrels sagnants London: Francis Boutle Publishers, 2017.


University of Passau &, University of Cologne, Germany                   

Research interests: My research interests are focused on transformative digital intermedia studies, using critical stepwise formalisation as a method for conceptual modelling of cultural heritage information. This is used as a tool for critical engagement with media differences, especially the relationships between texts and maps as media of communication. I am also engaged in theoretical studies of modelling in the humanities as well as beyond.



Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

Research interests: English literature and history of the Renaissance and the long eighteenth century, literary networks, the Baroque and Eccentric, and early British travellers in India – with a particular focus on Thomas Coryate



Research interests: Gothic studies (fiction and film), gender studies, queer studies.


University of Glasglow, UK

Research Interests: I explore research into multilingualism as it is undertaken by contemporary artists and evaluate its potential for language pedagogy, test affordances of an art-centred, indigenous and multilingual investigation into multimodal and intra-modal translanguaging practices of contemporary artists and examine what (and how) we can learn about multilingualism from art that combines languages with other artistic means of expression



University of Łódź, Poland

Research interests: contemporary British fiction, contemporary fiction, psychoanalysis in literary studies, literary translation


Research interest: I have always been intrigued by the mystery and magic inherent in play and playfulness that suddenly appear in a multiple dimension that oscillates between real and imaginary . I think it usually starts with simple sensory elements, a sound, a touch , a smell, which create multiple images among which we mysteriously choose one that leads us to create a play of the mind, which moves between reality and illusion, between the outside and the inside of each of us.

My profession as an occupational therapist and psychodramatist working with a psychoanalytic slant facilitates my particular interest. With my patients I await what image can generate in them a desire to stop on that and share it with me in another form, graphic or three-dimensional, or of body movements, often representative of unconscious images that the sensory stimulus draws and brings to the surface .

And a kind of game comes out of it, in a dimension that is sometimes painful, sometimes cheerful and laughing, which always highlights the deep relationship that that kind of listening and participation sets in motion and maintains.


University of Manchester, UK

Research interests: French seventeenth-century court ballet; early modern theatre, dance and opera; dance history; French literature, with special interest in seventeenth- and nineteenth-century literary and theatrical productions. Dance practice: ballet, modern, contemporary, Flamenco, Zumba. Teach ballet and Modern dance to children and adults. 


Research interests: Printmaking: abstraction and techniques. Creativity: research and practice. Urban landscapes. The environment and social justice. The body and representations.


Research interests: literary theory, world literature,
critical theory, translation, higher education,
cultural studies



University of Łódź, Poland

Research interests: British literature and intermedial studies


Liverpool John Moores University
Research interests: Visual art, art history, sociology, anthropology, east Asian studies, literary studies.


Research Interests: Italian Literature, Law and Literature, Gender Studies, Periodical Studies, Transnational Studies



University of Łódź

Research interests: Professor at the Institute of German Studies at the University of Lodz. Main research areas: German-language literature of the 20th and 21st centuries, literature and politics, memory and remembrance, utopia and apocalypse.



Research interests: Anglophone Literatures, Postcolonial Literature, Ecocriticism, Gender Studies, Ecofeminism, American Studies, Artivism


King’s College London, UK

Research interests: Valuation studies, cultural studies, cultural policy and arts management


University of Debrecen, Hungary

Research interests: musicology, intermediality of music and literature, theatricality of music, autobiography/autofiction


Research interests: Postcolonial trauma studies, Cultural Studies, Digital Humanities


Research interests: migrations, migrant literature and culture, transnationalism, translation studies.



University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Research interest: Tuuli Lähdesmäki (PhD in Art History, DSocSc in Sociology, Title of Docent in Art History) is an Associate Professor at the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Lähdesmäki’s research interests include: monuments, public art, public space, reception of art and cultural phenomena, discourse studies, cultural heritage, cultural memory, strategies of interpreting the past, cultural identity, identity politics, heritage politics, intercultural dialogue, the European Capital of Culture, the European Heritage Label, European identity, EU cultural policy, heritage diplomacy, and populism.



Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Research interests: Eleonora Lima is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in the Italian Department at Trinity College Dublin. Her current research project investigates Italian writers’ reception and engagement with computer culture. The project aims to provide the first comprehensive history of computing in Italian literature: from the earliest era of mainframe computers in mid-1950s, to the advent of personal computers in 1980s, to the initial days of the Web in 1990s, to the present times of ubiquitous
computing and the Web 2.0.
Her research interests also include literature and science; literature and the posthuman; the impact of cybernetics on the Italian culture of the mid-20th century; film and media studies. Eleonora holds a BA in Italian Philology (University of Florence, 2005), a Master in Modern Philology
(University of Florence, 2008), a PhD in Italian (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2015). She previously was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Italian at the University of Toronto (2017-2018).



Research interests: Hari Marini is an independent writer, performance maker, associate lecturer, and founding member of PartSuspended group. Her writing, practice and research are focused on poetics of spaces, performative architectures and women’s writing. Her bilingual book (Greek-English) entitled Διαδρομές της Paths of Her has been recently published (AΚΑΚΙΑ Publications, September 2019). Also, her work has been published in the academic journals Contemporary Theatre Review, Performance Research, Journal of Greek Media and Culture and Interim: A Journal of Poetry & Poetics. She has presented work in the UK, USA, Greece, Czech Republic, Serbia and Spain. Since 2006, Hari has been delivering workshops both in the UK and Greece and has been teaching performance at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). She holds a PhD in Performance from QMUL and an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from Central School of Speech and Drama (London), funded by the Hellenic Scholarships Foundation (IKY).



Research interests: Contemporary art Cultural memory Cultural studies Visual culture


FCH Católica Lisboa, Portugal

Research interests: Culture Studies, Film Studies, Visual Arts, Comparative Literature



Tampere University, Finland

Research interests: The study of playfulness across discipline and across culture. The role of playfulness in mental health and the construction of social institutions. The role of playfulness in religion, in extremism, and in authoritarian regimes. Experimental game design. Games for education and development.


University College Dublin, Ireland

Research interests: My research investigates power dynamics and organisational learning behaviours within municipal arts sectors. I consider the importance of knowledge management within these fields and the ways that knowledge is transferred between, and embedded by, publicly-funded art organisations. I am particularly interested in equity and inclusion policies and how they are constructed, discussed, and diffused within diverse cultural ecologies and marginalised communities.


University of Salamanca, Spain

Research interests: The intersemiotic translation of postmodern literature from English and French into Spanish by the interpretation of interdisciplinary works of arts (music, cinema, dance, architecture and literature, among others).


University College Dublin, Ireland

Research interests: Francophone literature, postcolonial/trauma/memory studies, autobiography and autofiction, migration. I am interested in diaspora studies, migrant writing, exile and displacement. My doctoral research focuses on the topic of return in Dany Laferrière’s and Anna Moï’s autobiographical fiction.


Princeton University, USA

Research interests: Judeo-Maghrebian literature of French expression; Mediterranean Studies; Judaic Studies; French and Francophone Studies; Diaspora Studies 



University of Southampton, UK

Research interests: Main fields: Composition, Performance, Comedy, Humour, Musicology. I am a composer/comedien investigating comic timing in music as practice-based research. I research interdisciplinary music theatre in association with Waste Paper Opera (for whom I am co-artistic director) and SpyMonkey.



Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland

Research interests: I am a cognitive linguist, pursuing a doctoral degree at the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) in Poznań, Poland. My research interests lie primarily in Cognitive Linguistics, but also Semiotics and Critical Discourse Analysis. My doctoral research concerns modes of meaning building in art forms which I analyze from a linguistic point of view; I specifically focus on installations made by African-American Self-Taught artists of the American South.



Newcastle University, UK

Research interests: Reformation – Confessionalisation – History of Education – Religious Education – History of Childhood – Catechisms, Prayer, Hymns, Sermons.


Research interests: I specialize in literary, cultural and postcolonial studies. My academic work, in particular, focuses on Black diasporic literature.  I published over 20 articles on the contemporary African American and African Caribbean literature and culture, two textbooks about literary theory and the American history, and one monograph about magical realism in the contemporary African American prose. In the years, 2016-18 I was a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at UCLan, UK. I also worked at De Gruyter as Managing Editor for the Open Access program on culture (for books and the journal: Open Cultural Studies I am also interested in academic publishing and will soon obtain MA in publishing from Oxford Brookes University.


University of Łódź, Poland

Research interests: Cultural Literacy, Digital Humanities, multilingualism, comparative cultural studies, participant observation, immersive journalism, autoethnography, quality, idea of the university, the humanism and the humanities, Reformation, creativity, translations of psalms, empathy, quality in culture, the sublime, modern individualism, democracy, citizen journalism, iphonology.



Bangor University, UK

Research interests: Artistic Research Institutional Critique in Theatre German Avant Garde Christoph Schlingensief German Literature and Theatre of 20th century Academic Subjectivity


University of Łódź, Poland

Research interests: OAED Lector at the University of Łódź. Main interests are Austrian literature of the early 20th century in European contexts and spatial aspects of literature.



Cardiff University, UK

Research interests: Translation Studies; Translation and Migration; Multilingualism; Mobility; Travel Writing



Research interests: Contemporary literature in English and Lithuanian


King’s College London, UK

Research interests: German Literature (19th Century, Early Modern), Romanticism, Cultural History, Womens’ Writing, Fairy Tales and Folklore


Research interests: Cultural memory, narrative and visual culture, Spain, Portugal, Chile, exile



Research interests: Postcolonial Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Globalization Studies and Political Theory.


Queen Mary University of London, UK

Research interests: I am a practising artist as well as researcher at Queen Margaret University. Central to my practice is a discussion about the place of art in a social context: this include participatory art, ethical engagement, arts and wellbeing/health, as well as socially engaged practice.



Birkbeck, University of London, UK

Research interests: Comparative literature & cultural studies (French, German, English), mainly 19c and 20c. Critical theory: gender, sexuality, psychoanalysis, the body, skin, the sense of touch. Also translation.



Research interests: Art, minorities knowledge, education and ontological turn.


Leeds Arts University, UK

Research interests: Research investigation has adopted numerous methods in an attempt to explore the world ‘through the eyes of a child’, resulting in important theoretical advances surrounding the development and experiences of children. With this in mind, the symbolic features of play, cultural and artistic engagement have been recognised as essential to a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. Therefore, it is little surprise that the necessity to engage in these endeavours has long been included as a fundamental protected right for children (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989). Nonetheless, while we were all once children and many of us have now had children, and maybe even grandchildren and great-grandchildren, how many of us have forgotten what it is like to gaze upon the world through the eyes of a child? Well, let me show you!




University of Łódź, Poland

Research interests: Justyna Stępień is an Assistant Professor in Cultural Studies in the Department of British Literature and Culture, where she received her doctorate in 2012. In the years 2012-2019, she worked as an Assistant Professor at the English Institute of University of Szczecin. She is an author of British Pop Art and Postmodernism (2015), an editor of Redefining Kitsch and Camp in Literature and Culture (2014) and co-editor of a special issue of Open Cultural Studies Journal Transmediating Culture(s)? (2017). She is currently working on her book devoted to posthumanist artistic practices. She belongs to an international research group/ collective The Posthuman Art and Research Group (aka. Dori.O) that consists of artists and researchers from all over Europe.


Research interests:

discourse, humor, comic, verbal and nonverbal components of communication, psycholinguistics, ecolinguistics



King’s College London, UK

Research interests: migration and notions of ‘home’ in Europe, translation, intersemiotic translation, death as a cultural phenomenon



Research Interests: I am largely a print-based writer and literacy researcher but my work, study, and activism cuts across media and platforms. For me, it is very exciting to see how technology has empowered emergent voices to be seen and heard in new and different ways. In addition, in children’s books and media, I enjoy creating and exploring how such artifacts surface culture and afford marginalized communities and groups new pathways to access, equity, and inclusion, all while bolstering reading and literacy development. In the future, I seek to conduct quantitative research related to culturally relevant literature and pedagogy, and to promote children’s books and content that I, and those in my community create.

Webpages: / /


University of Essex, UK

Research interests: Deborah Wright, D.Psychodyn.Psych. BPC, MBACP, FPC is a psychotherapist and a lecturer at the University of Essex, Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies. She previously worked as a Deputy Manager, and staff trainer in residential care for people with learning difficulties and mental health problems. She is a trained artist and her patient and client work, as well as her academic and art work, relate to humans’ relationship with their environment. Her research interests include: Human relations with the non-human world Psychosocial and psychoanalytic perspective on humans’ relationships with their environment; Patients’ relationship with the consulting room; Spatialisation, environmental usage and political connotations; Childrens’ and residential care clients’ relationship with their (bed)rooms and the theories of Freud, Klein, Bion, Winnicott and Object Relations. She has written on the subjects of: Rooms as Replacements for People: The Consulting Room as a Room Object and Spatialisation and the Fomenting of Political Violence.



Research interests: contemporary art practices in sound and listening; art writing and art criticism; public art and art as public action; global learning of classics; teaching and learning of moral character-