Cultural Literacy in Higher Education

Special Interest Group (SIG) “Cultural Literacy in Higher Education” is co-ordinated by Dr Gabriel García Ochoa and Dr Sarah McDonald, Monash University.

Cultural Literacy is both a concept, and a modus operandi. When approached as the latter, it involves a number of skill sets and approaches that can be nurtured, developed, and most importantly, taught in a systematic way.

This special interest group focuses on researching, developing, fostering and sharing ways of teaching Cultural Literacy in the Higher Education sector.

  • What, specifically, characterises a culturally literate individual?
  • Does Cultural Literacy presuppose a certain type of knowledge?
  • If we consider models of best practice, how can we teach the skill sets that are necessary to become a culturally literate person?
  • How do we define these skills?
  • What can other disciplines, and their pedagogical approaches, teach us about teaching Cultural Literacy?
  • Is Cultural Literacy perceived, and consequently, taught differently, in different parts of the world?
  • These are some of the questions that fuel the research and practice of this special interest group.

The Cultural Literacy in Higher Education special interest group also promotes collaboration with colleagues internationally. We facilitate dissemination workshops, seminars, masterclasses and other events (including online) where our teaching practices can be shared and refined.

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