London, April 15th 2015, Institute for the Humanities, University of Birkbeck

‘Underground Poetry and Poetry on the Underground’. Presentation delivered at the International Conference Cultural Literacy in Europe.

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Bath 21st February 2018, School of Music and Performing Arts, University of Bath Spa.

Research Workshop: ‘The meaning of cultural literacy’

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Warsaw May 11th 2017, Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Science.

Workshop Presentations and Discussion: ‘Cultural Literacy and Social Futures’: Robert Crawshaw (Lancaster University), Amanda Bayley (Bath Spa University), Andrea Nixon (Tate Liverpool), Joanna Kosmalska (University of Łódz), Emily Spiers (Lancaster University).

Prato, 10 th July 2018 , University of Monash.

Workshop Presentation: Robert Crawshaw, Amanda Bayley, Mridula Chakraborty ‘Cultural Literacy in Practice : Priorities for Educational Research’
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Lancaster, 16th October 2018, Centre for Literacy Research, Lancaster University Presentation: Robert Crawshaw ‘Practising Cultural Literacy in Uncertain Times’

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Bath, University of Bath Spa, March 2019 workshop ‘Cultural Literacy in Practice: Art, Music, Nature’. Robert Luzar, Robert Crawshaw, Penny Hay, Hyelim Kim

Università Catholica da Lisboa May 2019 Conference workshop: project evaluation: ‘Art Residency’ Narva, Estonia/ ‘Forests of Imagination’, Bath.